Viens Piens – natural product for preparing coffee drinks

A cappuccino or latte cannot be prepared without airy milk foam, therefore any coffee maker knows the importance of quality milk. Of course an essential prerequisite for preparing a drink that can be enjoyed is the skill of the barista, but the quality and taste of the products also play a major role, and for coffee drinks high-quality milk is a must.

When preparing coffee drinks on a daily basis, it is important to stock a product of consistent quality, and with Viens Piens you can form stable cooperation.

Viens Piens is natural cow’s milk with a fat content of 3.2%. This milk is heated till the temperature of 135 °C and then rapidly cooled – this processing method is called UHT (ultra-high temperature). UHT treatment kills fermentation bacteria, but still retains vitamins, minerals and the natural flavour of milk. Quality of the product is also provided by the packaging. Milk is packaged in tetra packs, which protect it from air and light, therefore it can stay fresh for a long time. In unopened packaging, the milk can be stored at room temperature for up to 12 months, but after opening it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours.

Creamy milk foam in coffee drinks

To be able to foam cow’s milk to a creamy consistency with a beautiful micro-foam, which is used to garnish cappuccinos, lattes or other drinks, the protein and fat content must be taken into consideration. Protein is able to retain the air beaten into milk, which is achieved during foaming, while fat helps to give texture and creaminess. Viens Piens contains 3.2% protein and fat, and this is exactly enough to achieve the effect of melted ice cream in the milk foam. Viens Piens will demonstrate its best taste nuances, when foamed till 65 °C.

Last but not least, with Viens Piens you can also make cold milk foam using professional devices. When using such devices, it should be noted that only milk treated with UHT technology will foam, and the colder the milk is, the more creamy the foam will be. Viens Piens fully meets these requirements, therefore it will be a reliable companion for preparing both – hot and cold coffee drinks.

The product can be purchased at Gemoss sales locations or by ordering it from the Gemoss sales representative.