What to expect in world of coffee in year 2019

Interior and fashion trends change every year, however such radical changes do not occur in world of coffee every year, and perhaps it is only good that it is this way as we would not be able to enjoy everything new. Andris Petkēvičs – The Owner of Andrito Coffee roasters tells that changes can be felt every 5 years, however we can expect to see changes this year as well.

Specialty Coffee

As coffee culture has progressed rapidly in recent years, so have the demands. Thanks to coffee enthusiasts and their demanding taste buds, demand for specialty coffee has increased significantly. It is often mixed up as specialty coffee, however the right way to describe it is special quality coffee. Such a title can only be achieved by a product, which has passed certain tests and complies with standards and parameters. This product does not achieve high level of sales, but it is also not what coffee producers want to achieve, because not everyone is able to appreciate such a drink. However, the number of coffee-educated people steadily increases, therefore the desire to enjoy exactly such a coffee is growing significantly every year. Few years back specialty coffee was exclusive, now it is just part of the everyday life. People want to enjoy something special every day, not only in special occasions, so we’ll be able to hear a lot about this coffee later this year.

Change of habits

The world of coffee tastes is very broad and diverse, and more and more people want to explore it. The young generation is very excited to familiarize themselves with the coffee industry, and this allows the industry to develop and not remain dull. Coffee is no longer just a drink to gain alertness, it is a set of knowledge. Thanks to societies interest increase about coffee, such a increase has been observed in need to visit a variety of masterclasses. People who have enjoyed outstanding coffee in a café’s wanting to experience this at their homes, so different masters’ classes become a demanding form of education. This is why it is expected to be more and more popular this year to attend various coffee-related events, courses and seminars. By the way, Andrito Coffee Grauzzo organizes coffee-hearing masterclasses. Find out more here.

There is a growing interest in coffee festivals, which are great events to learn a lot about coffee and products related to it. Such events also include coffee championships, which are also the historic beginning of such festivals, but they also bring together industry representatives from different places. Few years back you could laugh at these festivals and think to yourself – Why would anyone want to organize such a festival and only pay all of the attention on coffee? Coffee, however is a cult thing, that is why festivals have blown away people and they happen in our neighborhood countries and elsewhere in Europe and world.

There is no need to search, it is clearly visible that public has educated itself about coffee. Almost everyone has an opinion about which region coffee is the best, which machines prepare it the best, and which drinks are the most delicious. The fact that coffee is talked about so much, only proves that we are not indifferent and that we care about our everyday habits. We’ll be able to hear a lot more about coffee this year.

Cold coffee drinks

As interest in coffee has increased significantly in recent years, new coffee drinks are emerging. That is why this year, and certainly for the next few years, we will be more and more likely to enjoy a lot of new coffee drinks. For example, cold brew coffee is brewed in large and small businesses and there is a growing interest in making it at home. The culture of coffee drinks has become so rich that in nearly every small gas-tank you can purchase a refreshing coffee cocktails and lemonades that are particularly preferred for the young generation.

Andrito Coffee Rosters has produced a crisp coffee-cherry lemonade COCHELE, brewed from dried coffee-tree cherries – this drink provides thirst refreshment and great taste, and makes it possible to enjoy flavors that have not yet been experienced. Such drinks are another opportunity to expand the sight of the coffee world.

Coffee will continue to harvest its laurels in a variety of alcoholic cocktails, with interesting flavors complementing the usual cocktails. An espresso with a gin and tonic, for example, is a great tandem that allows you to experience a journey of unprecedented flavors. Cocktail maps are certainly more likely to show up with coffee this year, so coffee loves are particularly is invited to indulge in experiments. Scotch or martini and coffee, too, is a great combination, not to mention that various liqueurs that thrive in cocktail maps during the particularly hot season. This year will prove that coffee can play a big role in cocktail bars, too, and it is no longer just a spirit drink but can be enjoyed in different situations of life.